Terms and Conditions of the Scan

This contract is between Arden Forest Ultrasound and the customer (You) and shall be governed by the following terms and conditions. Nothing in these conditions will affect your statutory rights.

GDPR – Arden Forest Ultrasound will require certain modes of contact to carry out this service effectively, such as an email address and mobile phone number if you don’t not consent to this please declare this. We use only information we gather for the sole purpose of providing you with the best service in relation to your scan and do not share with any 3rd parties other than those that are required in relation to your scan result and those required by law for clinical governance and record storage.

Service Provided:

Arden Forest Ultrasound will provide a ultrasound examination of the body part indicated by your referring clinician:

Arden Forest Practitioners are not in possession of your medical records or history and are therefore not in a position to medically advise you on any diagnostic results. You should always seek the advice of your consultant and/or General Practitioner with any questions you may have regarding the scan, in particular if any symptoms persist.

Scan Report:

1. Arden Forest Ultrasound will provide a report electronic format which will be sent securely and directly to your GP/referrer. Should any future hospital/consultant require a copy of the report or images, they can do so via written/electronic request. Images unless specifically requested by the referring clinician will be held securely on a dedicated cloud server as is necessary by law, for any future referral/clarification.

2. If the ultrasound practitioner recommends a medical follow up as an outcome of the scan, this will be communicated to your GP/referrer via the initial report

3. If in the ultrasound practitioners opinion, a re-scan is necessary to clarify the results for the primary purpose of the scan, you and the GP/referrer will be notified of the optimum time for this scan, and unless you decline this, this will be arranged for you. A Follow up scan will provided for £50

4. A brief synopsis of the scan can usually be provided at the time of the scan but a formal report following a thorough review of the images will provided within 48hrs and may be subject to change from the original brief synopsis at the time of the scan following the thorough review. 

Price and payment terms:

4. The price for the scan will depend on the location and type of scan requested, but will range from £195 – £249

5. Payment can be made before or following the scan, however Arden Forest Ultrasound is not bound to deliver a scan report until payment is received in full.


6. Bookings for scans are allotted a specific time slot, whilst every effort is made to ensure the scan is carried out at the allocated time, appointment times can not be guaranteed.

7. Arden Forest Ultrasound accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal effects how ever caused whilst customers are on the premises

8. Arden Forest Ultrasound will not be responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage

a) Caused by any act or omission by Arden Forest Ultrasound or its employees

b) Suffered by any person acting or failing to act as a result of the contents of any scan or any information supplied in connection with the scan.

9. Arden Forest Ultrasound will not be responsible for any breach of this contract caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

10. Chaperons are always provided for Intimate examinations i.e Female pelvic / transvaginal examinations. Outside of this chaperones will be at the request of the client, please notify prior to the scan should you require a chaperone for your examination. You can withdraw from the scan/cancel the scan at any time, however failure to do so within less than 24 hrs in advance is subject to a 50% charge.