Post Scan Patient Care


Firstly thank you for using Arden Forest Ultrasound for your Imaging service. We hope that everything met with your expectations.

  • You may have already been given a brief initial interpretation of the findings, however the Sonographer will now fully interrogate the images more closely and put together an official report.
  • Once this has been done the report will be sent to your referring clinician whether that be at the clinic you had the scan or elsewhere. They will then be able to advise you on your best follow up treatment/ care pathway. They should receive this within 48hrs.
  • Should your onward journey require hospital referral, in some instances they may require to compare the images from your ultrasound with any subsequent imaging / treatment you may be given. This can be arranged at your or subsequent clinicians request.
  • So that we can maintain/improve the service we give to you, you may (if you have consented for email details to be on file) receive an email from us with a short survey to fill out regarding your experience with the clinic and the sonographer as per CQC regulation.
  • Should you not be completely satisfied with the standard of care you have received today, please either email, visit the website or let the reception staff know where we can help you to officially raise your complaint. This will allow us to hopefully resolve and/or monitor the complaint formally.
  • That being said, please also let us know if we have exceeded your expectations in anyway as this also helps us maintain the good standard for others.    

  • Submit your Review HERE

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