I am a Patient

If you have a medical complaint you feel needs investigating, then please get in touch, where we can discuss if ultrasound is the most suitable test for you. 

Following this please download the request form from the “request scan” tab from this website and take to your GP to fill in, your GP will discuss to see if ultrasound is indeed the best test and you are happy to be referred for a scan, the completed form from your GP can be emailed back securely.

If obtaining a GP appointment to obtain a request has proved difficult, we can arrange a professional complimentary assessment And referral for you (for Musculoskeletal complaints only)

You should then contact Arden Forest Ultrasound to register.  

You will then shortly receive a welcome pack with details of your intended scan. Any preparation that maybe required prior to attending can be found on the website under Contact (exam prep).


Please register HERE


“I wanted a quick diagnosis of my injury and being referred to Adrian gave me just that. Response to my referral was swift, the appointment arranged for the next working day at my convenience. At the appointment Adrian was professional, kind and explained the scan results to me immediately. I would not hesitate to use the service again and recommend to my family and friends in the future. Overall an excellent experience, thank you.” Patient referred from Physiotherapy
Patient referred from Physiotherapy