Data Protection

In Brief: Arden Forest Ultrasound only stores your medical images and data that is related to your examination as required by law in a replicated encrypted secure servers based in the UK. No data that Arden forest ultrasound uses will be used for marketing or any other purpose that is not required by law or required to safely and effectively provide you with the service.

Such uses could be:

  1. Registration purposes for the scan
  2. Communicating results to GP’s/ Referrers or approved hospital consultants
  3. In terms of audit for quality and assurance of Arden forest ultrasound
  4. Providing feedback to Arden Forest Ultrasound for future improvement /development.

Arden Forest Ultrasound Ltd
Data Protection Policy


Name: Adrian Burman
Position: Director
Date: 22/05/2018
Due for Review by: 25/5/2019
Signature: Adrian burman